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Car Headlights Tinting

Car Headlights and Tail Lights Tinting

A professional look for your headlights

Car headlights and tail lights make another distinctive feature, which will enliven the whole picture, when the hand of a professional is applied. When headlights are tinted it turns the car into a completely different beast. Tinted lights give cars a stroke of seriousness, sporty aggressiveness, and defiance. At DarewrapsUK we highly recommend this service, as on its own it makes your automobile stand out.

There are several types of materials available on the market today.

Car Headlights Tinting

Perforated Film (Fly Eye)

One of the most popular materials used is perforated mesh tint film. It is also known as fly-eye. This film is a specially designed that it can be applied to headlights, rear lights and indicators on vehicles to enhance the look and give a tinted effect. It sticks to the outer surface of any light creating a factory finish dark smoke effect. It is weatherproof and durable so once applied it can be washed and treated like any other surface on your vehicle.

Car Headlights Tinting

Transparent vinyl

Transparent vinyl is another type of material that is used for vehicle lights tinting. It comes in various shades and colours. Most popular shades are medium grey and dark grey. Medium grey is suitable for head, tail lights and indicators, while dark grey is suitable mostly for tail lights as it significantly reduces the brightness of light.

Chameleon Vinyl

Chameleon Vinyl

Chameleon tint is a variety of vinyl films that has been used on lights. This product has recently emerged on the market and becoming quite popular. This is very interesting and unique product. Difficult to work with and requires a lot of skill but results are very rewarding. Lights turn into shiny rainbow pieces, which give a car even more out-worldly look when combined with chameleon window tint.

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