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Vinyl wrapping at DarewrapsUK

Step 1

Choose your style

Choice of vinyl textures and designs that can be used to style your car is absolutely mind-blowing. You can select from gloss, matte, satin, carbon, brushed metal, chrome, metallic, leather-like and pretty much any custom tailored design.

Car vinyl Wrap

Matte or Satin Wrap

One of the most popular, affordable and with pretty much any colour of your choice, the matte and satin finish will leave your car looking very modern and stylish.

Car vinyl Wrap

Gloss Wrap

Change the colour or keep the same colour with our finished gloss look. The gloss look resembles paint so much you can hardly tell the difference and is available in a whole host of colours.

Car vinyl Wrap

Carbon Fibre Wrap

Widely used on sports cars, it will give your car a textured and realistic carbon look. Carbon can be used as a whole wrap or to enhance various parts of your car e.g. the bonnet, spoiler and doors.

Car vinyl Wrap

Chrome Wrap

Chrome is considered to be the most exquisite look for a car. The hardest of vinyls to apply but without a doubt the worth the skill and expertise, chrome is available in silver, gold, blue, red, green and hot pink.

Car vinyl Wrap

Matte Chrome Wrap

An intelligent mixture, this vinyl will leave your car with a finish that will turn heads. A rich silkiness and metal softness make up this premium quality vinyl.

Car vinyl Wrap

Iridescent Wrap

A real head turner, this chameleon style vinyl has the ability to change colour depending on the viewing angle. This vinyl is a popular choice and affordable as opposed to spraying.

Car vinyl Wrap

Brushed Metal Wrap

Impossible to replicate on a car without vinyl, our brushed metal range comes in a variety of colours of which the most popular are, brushed aluminium, brushed gold, black metal and bronze.

Car vinyl Wrap

Leather/Skin Effect Wrap

This vinyl is best used inside your car but can also be used outside too. Luxury leather or snake skin effect the choice is yours. with the ability to change the inside of your car, with DarewrapsUK you can truly customise the look and feel.

Car vinyl Wrap

Custom Printed Wrap

In case when you are not satisfied with choice of vinyl styles that market has got to offer or maybe you would like to have a truly original inimitable design then having a your car wrapped in custom printed vinyl is the right option for you. We have a team of creative and experienced designers ready to your service.

Step 2

Choose your colour

Whether you prefer classic colours or you are a fan of innovation and love to experiment we will make every effort to satisfy your wish. We use quality vinyl from top brands like Avery, 3M, Arlon and others so you can find a colour that resonates within you. View our colour chart HERE

Step 3

Contact Darewraps UK

Give us a call and pop into our workshop. We are always happy to help.

DarewrapsUK, expert vinyl wrapping

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