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decals and stickers

Decals, stripes and stickers

Customise your vehicle with simple additions

Car decals

Car decals

Modern sign printing technology allows to produce very sophisticated and complex images that can be transferred onto vehicle’s body. Given fact, combined with simplicity of application, makes vinyl decals a perfect weapon of choice in fight for great car style. Decal designs range from fairly simple symbols, numbers and logos to exquisite images of dragons, fairies, action movie heroes etc. Your imagination is the only limit.

Car stripes and lines

Car stripes and lines

Stripes and lines are a must have feature for a racing car. In addition, it is often used by car enthusiasts and professionals to transform vehicle’s design and to moveaway from standard factory look.

Even most timid city runner gets that sharp sporty edge after stripes have been applied. This is a great styling feature on its own, as well as in combination with other styling options i.e. tinted windows and lights, colour-dipped wheels etc.

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