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Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film Installation

This film utilizes an advanced top coat system designed to not only protect the vehicle against rock chips and road debris, but also against staining created by acids, abrasives and solvents – maintaining the surface of the product for longer with less regular maintenance. Elite is the industry leader when it comes to stain resistance!

Warranted against degradation from UV, staining and cracking; PremiumShield Elite applies easily and maintains its clarity, durability and superior performance over a wide range of environmental conditions providing improved chemical and mechanical resistance (like stone chip) whilst offering conformability to complex shapes and curves.

Premium Shield PPF is available in both gloss and matte finish.

The Ultimate Protection for Your New Car

Basic Pack

Bumper, headlights Paint Protection Film

Standard Pack

Bumper, headlights, fenders, bonnet apron Paint Protection Film

Extended Pack

Bumper, headlights, fenders, full bonnet, mirrors Paint Protection Film
Advantages of Premium Shield Paint Protection Film

Self Healing

The advanced clear coat heals over time, eliminating swirl marks and scratches.

Paint Protection Film Paint Protection Film

Stain Resistant

Protection against staining created by acids, abrasives and solvents.

Increased re-Sale Value

Protecting your vehicle helps to keep its value. After film removed paint underneath will remain untouched.

Lifetime Warranty

We give you complete peace of mind and assurance that our film will last.

Invisible Protection

When installed, film is absolutely unnoticeable. It's there but you just can't see it.


The protective film contains an anti-adhesion component. Thus, dust and dirt will adhere much less to the car body. Cleaning will be less frequent and significantly easier.

Other Areas to Protect

         Front roof edge,

Paint Protection Film

             Door Edge

Paint Protection Film

         Top of Rear Bumper

Paint Protection Film

             Side Skirt

Paint Protection Film

             Door Cup

Paint Protection Film


Paint Protection Film

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